Igor update

Igor is doing fantastic, him and his sister Chance have lots of fun playing tug of war and after you will find them both cuddled up on their bed together. 

Igor is definitely getting used to a life of luxury, he has a choice of different beds to snooze on including a special luxury dog bed, a huge sofa or even his mums bed. 

Igor has put all of the weight back on now and has turned into a happy healthy dog. 

We still can’t thank his human mum enough for giving him such a perfect home. We know he will be loved and cared for and recieve all of the fuss and attention he deserves. 


Betsy feeding time

Here’s Betsy enjoying her special food, who could resist that face?… 

Due to this beautiful girl barely having any teeth her food has to be mashed up for her, which results in a very messy floor and dogπŸ™ˆ… But the good news is she is putting weight on slowly but surely ❀️

Betsy bath time

Betsys first bath… She has to have a special medicated bubble bath to help her skin heal from the pressure sores and urine burns.  As this was Betsys first bath she’s ever had she wasn’t so keen on the idea but despite that still behaved like a true lady.


​Today we took in another emergency case. This is Betsy, she is approximately 3 years old. 

Betsy was used as a breeding machine until the owner sold her to an elderly lady on his street before he moved house. The elderly lady was taken to a carehome after a hospital visit and sadly passed away shortly after. That was 2 weeks ago. What no one knew was that Betsy was home alone all this time! Luckily there was a leaky pipe that ensured she at least had access to water during this time even though she had no access to food. 

Betsy is severely underweight, she has some issues with her hips & elbows. She has moderate skin problems as well as pressure sores & urine burns. Due to being used as a puppy machine she has a severe bow in her back. Betsy herself appears to be a product of backyard breeding. She barely has any teeth and needs her food mashing up for her.

When Betsy was found she was very lethargic and hypoglycaemic, we immediately took her to the vets where she received medical attention. Betsy will receive all the love and attention she needs from us to help her overcome her trauma. 

Betsy will now need alot of treatment including having her eyes tested. We never ask for any help from anyone, we always pay out of our own pockets as rescuers, but due to the overwhelming amount of cases we’ve had recently and now taking in poor Betsy, we have stretched our bank accounts to their limits. Without some help, we cannot continue to keep helping all the animals that need us. Even just a Β£1 donation will help go towards the unavoidable financial burden.

If you can help in anyway,

Please donate via PayPal to with the reference “R&R” (choose friends and family thank you)

or if you would prefer to donate straight to Betsys case, more specifically her vets fees, you can donate directly to the vets please contact us and we can give you the details on how to do this. 

Or alternatively, donations such as toys, dog beds, dog crates or dog food are all greatly appreciated! 

Thank you in advance,
Rescue & Rehome  πŸ’—πŸ•πŸˆπŸ’™

Update on Sam

An update on the lovely Sam who was found tied to a post abandoned…
Sam is loving life in his new home, he has his own land 23 acres of paradise with fields full of bluebells. He’s having lots of fun with his sister and is starting to forget the horrible life he had previously. 
Unfortunately Sam is having a few health problems, we can’t be sure why this is as we don’t have a full history on him with the way he was abandoned but we suspect either this is a cause of backyard breeders or being made to live in very small confinements. 
Sam needs in total two hip replacements. There is also a neurological thing going on which has affected his sight and sense of smell.  For example he can’t find his ball easily when it is only two feet away from him. 
Sam will be seeing the specialist tomorrow prior to having major surgery. 

On a better note Sams mental and emotional issues are well on their way to being solved, he adores it in his new home and you can tell just from the photos how much better he looks than he did a number of months ago.

There was a lot of people involved in Sams care from the amazing Catherine rescuing him that day and walking hours to get him to safety because he refused get in a car, to his foster giving him a safe space until he was able to be transferred to his new forever home, not to mention the thousands of people who shared Sam’s story. We want to thank you all as everyone played a part in helping Sam and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your support.

Sam has officially been adopted!Β 

Today Sam has been officially adopted!!!! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ†πŸŽ‡ this poor boy was fear aggressive, starving and underweight when we found him. He had cuts around his mouth and showed signs of abuse. In just a few short weeks he has overcome so much and is steadily gaining weight and trusting people again. He is just 1 big ball of unconditional love wrapped in a German Shepherd dog coat! So happy you have found your forever loving home Sam!
Sam arrived safely at his new forever home and he and the ladies dog Ruby hit it off immediately. He will be going to the vets in a couple of days for a full check up. He has already inspected his 23 acres and sniffed all the bluebells. He definitely seems to approve of his new surroundings. Further update with photos in a few days once he has settled. 

From being found tied up to a post abandoned to living on a beautiful 23 acre farm with another dog, Sam is now certainly living the life he deserves and will be spoilt rotten. 
Good luck beautiful boy with your new family, you deserve the world after all you have been through lots of hugs and slobbery kisses from Rescue and Rehome xxx